Business Development



Salève Energy Partners offers a different perspective.


Salève Energy Partners helps influencers and decisionmakers working and investing in the Oil and Gas Industry on Strategy, Business Development and Commercial issues.
The difference is an engineering mindset and a unique combination of experience.

No matter what your Strategy, Business Development Commercial challenge is, Salève Energy Partners understands and can help.


There is exciting new acquisition opportunity; I need extra help to evaluate this.

Oil Companey


My client requested a reserves-based loan.  I need advice on the technical risks.



We identified this promising Oil and Gas management team, but we need due diligence to be done.


I would like somebody to explain to me oil industry concepts in a way that I understand.




Salève Energy Partners offers solid expertise in


Mergers & Acquisitions

Strategy Review

Portfolio Rationalization

Misaligned Commercial Terms

Sparring Partner

Other Commercial Services

Oil Industry Insights

Transaction Benchmarking