Salève Energy Partners have worked on many different types of acquisitions and divestments

  • corporate and assets deals

  • within country or cross-borders

  • transaction values from several million to multi billion


Salève Energy Partners offers its expertise in full spectrum of the opportunity funnel of the M&A process: 

Mergers and Acquisition Opportunity Funnel - Salève Energy Partners

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Opportunity Funnel

  • researching, analyzing and summarizing numerous, corporate and asset, acquisition targets,

  • generating opportunities

  • preparing of investment recommendations and seeking senior management approval

  • preparing teasers and information memoranda,

  • attending data rooms and performing due diligence

  • seeking final approval from senior management to proceed and writing Board Papers,

  • preparing term sheets, offer letters and sale and purchase agreements,

  • negotiating agreements to completion

  • preparation of completion statements.


Specific expertise in Mergers, Acquisition and Divestment:

  • Testing opportunities against company strategy

  • Leading multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary (commercial, finance, economics, legal, technical, operations) due diligence teams

  • Data room attendance and commercial due diligence including summarising and comparing commercial terms and identifying how agreements fit together

  • (Commercial) risk analysis

  • Preparation and hosting of Seller’s data room (real or virtual)

  • Summary and comparison of advisor offer letters

  • Preparation of flyers/teasers and information memoranda (IM) – ensuring they are sales documents

  • Comparison of advisor’s offer letters and advising senior management on the best choice.

  • Identification and summary of the commercial aspects of agreements and advise how these should be included in valuations

  • Analysis on strategic impact of a farm-in, acquisition, divestment or merger

  • Independent review of takeover offers

  • Tactics around pre-emption

  • Negotiations of

    • Confidentiality Agreements (CA),

    • Production Sharing Contracts (PSC)

    • Risk Service Contracts (RSC)

    • Licence Applications

    • Concession Agreements

    • Joint Operating Agreements (JOA) and Accounting Procedures,

    • Unit Operating Agreements(UOA)

    • Engagement Letters (with financial or legal advisors)

    • Farm-in Agreements

    • Sale and Purchase Agreements

A word cloud emphesizing Salève Energy Partner's expertise in mergers, acquisitions and divestments