Why choose Salève Energy Partners?

When you are busy running your day-to-day business and you need additional skills or just some extra manpower to work on a specific project.

When you are looking for a consultancy to help you solve the complex matters you have to deal with, you want a consultancy that understands your challenges.  You want consultancy that can say ‘Been there, Done that and Got the T-Shirt’; a consultancy that can combine out-of-the-box thinking, experience and industry knowledge.

Salève Energy Partners boasts a unique combination of experience, qualifications and an expertise in Strategy, Business Development and Commercial Matters and is more than willing and capable of sharing these (and its t-shirts) with you.


FAQ about Salève Energy Partners

In which regions has Salève Energy Partners worked?

Salève Energy Partners has worked on projects in following regions:

  • Europe: UK, Norway, the Netherlands, Romania, Albania.
  • Middle East: Kurdistan (significant country knowledge), Oman, Iraq, Bahrain.
  • West Africa: Gabon, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Nigeria, Angola.
  • North Africa: Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria.
  • FSU: Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Russia.
  • Latin America: Brazil, Columbia, Mexico.
  • Asia: Pakistan, Indonesia.
  • Oceania: Australia, New Zealand.

Explain the name Salève Energy Partners?

  • Le Salève is the ‘house’ mountain of Geneva, Switzerland.  Salève Energy Partners was founded in Geneva and the Founder’s office had a view over the Salève.  Please click here for more information on Le Salève.

What services does Salève Energy Partners provide?

  • Salève Energy Partners provides advice on commercial, business development, strategy matters; the way these services are provided for is flexible and dependent on the client’s requirements.  These services can be delivered in-house, remotely, via phone or Skype.

Could you give more details about Salève Energy Partners’ expertise?

Salève Energy Partners has expertise in the following areas:

Please click here to get more information on Salève Energy Partners' expertise.

What is transaction benchmarking?

In collaboration with the University of Genève, Salève Energy Partners has launched a study into trends in global transactions in the upstream oil and gas industry. The objectives are to benchmark these transactions in order:

  • to compare transaction based on metrics such as $/bbl, $/boepd, $/acre and factors such as oil/gas, on/offshore, asset/corporate, maturity, convention/unconventional etc;
  • to find relationships between the various transaction metrics;
  • to determine if trends found in ‘transaction-rich’ regions of the world can be applied to ‘transaction-poor’ regions;
  • to build a model in which transaction metrics can be predicted.

What are the benefits of using a smaller consultancy instead of a larger one?

  • You are always getting the ‘A team’;
  • Flexibility and agility; results are tailored to your needs and not boxed into existing, well-trodden solutions;
  • Transfer of knowledge and best practices;
  • No conflict of interest; you do not have to rely on so-called ‘Chinese Walls’.

What are the advantages of using a consultant?

  • When you want an external perspective and impartial advice; somebody who is not objective and unafraid to ‘rock the boat’;
  • It is more efficient; consultants can be asked to work on specific projects without being distracted by recurring daily tasks members of staff have to fulfill.
  • When discretion is needed on sensitive projects
  • When needing extra manpower to supplement internal skills
  • Getting specialist knowledge without having to employ somebody.