Sometime a manager needs to test her ideas; she needs impartial advice, an external perspective.  She needs a consultant that is not objective and who is not afraid to speak her mind and challenge thoughts and ideas.  Salève Energy Partners’ combination of experience, expertise and qualifications, makes it uniquely placed to be a sparring partner.


Specific expertise in being a Sparring Partner for Senior Management

  • Analysis, synthesis and communication of complex strategic concepts;
  • Drafting of new strategies;
  • Informing on possible deal scenarios and tactics;
  • Transformation of complex commercial and strategic concepts into sound business cases;
  • Comfortable interacting with senior management, peers, partners, government officials;
  • Preparation of information/briefing packs for senior management;
  • Need for external validation, impartial advice, second opinion;
  • Avoidance of internal conflicts.
A word cloud emphesizing Salève Energy Partner's expertice in being a sparring partner for management