Out-of-the-box thinking is important when looking for strategic alternatives – Salève Energy Partners can deliver this.  Business Intelligence and Competitive Analysis are key sources of information used in strategic reviews

Planning future production targets starts with the potential within the existing portfolio.  Any gaps between the portfolio and targets not met by organic growth have to be bridged by acquisitions.  Salève Energy Partners believes that an early reality check on the feasibility of reaching the targets through acquisitions is essential.  Ambitious targets that stretch a company are good but market conditions and availability of acquisition opportunities have to be considered together with the funds available for acquisitions.

Salève Energy Partners has drafted a strategy for a company interested in enhancing its heavy oil capabilities.  While preparing the strategy internal ambitions and capabilities had to be matched with external realities and market conditions.


Specific expertise in Strategy Review

  • Report preparation and presentation: country entry, market analysis, strategic/financial options, strategies
  • Research, analysis and summary of acquisition targets
  • Performing competitor and stakeholder analysis
  • Gathering of market intelligence
  • Ensuring the strategy is achievable through the company’s existing portfolio and acquisition opportunities
A word cloud emphesizing Salève Energy Partner's expertise in Strategy Review