Salève Energy Partners has extensive experience in drafting, structuring, (re-) negotiating and administering many types agreements.  By working in a mature region such as the North Sea, it understands that each agreement is linked to many other agreements.  Being the ‘go-between’ between operations and legal is important.


Specific expertise on improving Misaligned Commercial Terms

  • Commercial review of agreements.
  • Drafting and structuring of agreements.
  • Tracking of obligations in and administering of agreements, e.g. setting nominations.
  • (Re-) negotiations of :
    • Gas Sales Agreements (GSA);
    • Terminal Agreements;
    • Joint Operating Agreements (JOA) and Accounting Procedures;
    • Unit Operating Agreements (UOA);
    • Transportation Agreements;
    • Gas Supply Agreements (GSA);
    • Transportation, Processing, and Operating Services Agreements (TPOSA);
    • Construction, Pre-commissioning and Tie-In Agreement (CTIA);
    • Pipeline Crossing Agreement;
    • Third Party Access Agreements (pipeline, terminal) (TPA);
    • Decommissioning Securities Agreement (DSA);
  • Summary of the commercial aspects of agreements and reporting their impact.
  • Collating comments from different disciplines into agreements.
  • (Commercial) risk analysis.
A word cloud emphesizing Salève Energy Partner's expertise in commercial negotiations