As is the case with many other lists, not all of Salève Energy Partners’ expertise, experience and qualifications can be captured by each of the headings of this list of expertise.  So therefore, a heading ‘Other Commercial Service’ has been created to list these miscellaneous, but certainly not insignificant services, as well.


Other Commercial Services

  • Preparation of economic evaluations (from first principals if needed) and interpretation thereof;
  • Proofreading: geological/geophysical reports, feasibility studies, exploration and field development plans, concession and PSC contracts, JOA and other technical, legal and commercial documentation;
  • Facilitation of workshops and framing sessions;
  • Company representation at pipeline, terminal, owner’s meeting, partner (TCMs, OCMs), scout meetings;
  • Comparison of best practices of different oil companies;
  • Mentoring junior team members.
A word cloud emphesizing Salève Energy Partner's expertice in miscellaneous commercial services