What does it take to stand out in the Oil & Gas Industry – the Salève Energy Partners way

An Introduction to Salève Energy Partners and its Branding

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I believe that branding is important for every company, even for those in the oil and gas industry, because it tells you, subconsciously, what the company stands for. In this blog post I want to share ‘genesis’ of the Salève Energy Partners’ brand and what is stands for. If you have visited Salève Energy Partners’ website before you probably noticed that Salève Energy Partners is different to other consultancies working in the oil and gas industry.


When I set-up Salève Energy Partners 2 years ago, I had a good think what is important to me. The first thing was that I really like working in the oil and gas industry. Remember, this was the time when many people where laid off because the oil prices were ‘lower for longer’, so staying in the industry was a leap of faith. And the second thing was that I want to share my knowledge and experience. Being in the industry for more than 25 years, I have a lot to share.


So, what did these insights tell me? They told me that, besides doing consulting work for oil industry players (in which I use my knowledge and experience), I should also share my knowledge and experience by blogging and posting cheat sheets, how-to’s and templates etc. And target professionals who are interested in topics such as oil and gas industry business development, strategy and, commercial because not much information is available on these on these topics. I really hope that my blog and the cheat sheets will help you in your daily work – there is no need to re-invent the wheel twice!!


How to differentiate


So as of now I’ll be regularly posting all these goodies on my website and ‘market’ them on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. But how does Salève Energy Partners stand out? How does Salève Energy Partners differentiate itself from other consultants who are ‘fishing in the same pond’? Who also have grey hair like me? Who also have tons of experience like me? Well, this is what I decided to do:

  • Design a website that is different

  • Write a killer blog

  • Share useful cheat sheets, how-to’s, templates etc.

  • And have a brand that sticks out.


A brand that sticks out


You might have noticed that the look of Salève Energy Partners is different to other consultancies in the oil and gas industry. OK, Salève Energy Partners uses cool pictures of drilling rigs and nodding donkeys like everybody else in the industry but there is where any resemblance stops.


When I asked a designer, Regine Mateman to design my logo and branding, I asked her to emphasize 2 things:

  • Salève Energy Partners looks at the world from a different perspective, and

  • the geometric style and colors of Bauhaus and De Stijl art movements.


Different Perspective

The meme below reflects well my approach to professional and personal issues: you should look at an opportunity or challenge or problem from all sides because the solution may have different facets to it. What is square to one, can be a circle to another!


Bauhaus/De Stijl

I really like the clean feel of the art of Bauhaus and De Stijl. The use of straight lines, squares, circles and triangles seems to be simple but, in my view, it is not. I also like the use of primary colors; when people ask me what my favorite colors is, I never can answer because red, yellow and blue are equally pretty imao. Each color has its own meaning which reflects what Salève Energy Partners stand for.

Quote on the color blue.png

What are your thoughts on branding and to stand-out as a consultant in the Oil and Gas Industry? How would you do it? Please let me know in the comments or drop me an email.

This post will be the first of many and I hope you will enjoy reading them. Don’t forget to check out the Resources page to download cheat sheets and templates, that might make doing your work a little bit easier. And please sign up to get these posts directly in your mailbox.


At Salève Energy Partners we have a lot of experience on Strategy, Business Development and Commercial issues in the oil and gas industry and if you want to know more about Salève Energy Partners and how we can be of assistance, please have a look at our website www.saleve-energy.com/expertise or contact us at info@saleve-energy.com.

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Patricia Zegers-de-Beyl has worked in the oil industry for more than 27 years, gaining experience in business development, strategy and commercial aspects of the industry. As a seasoned Business Developer with an Engineering mindset she is passionate about applying and sharing her experience, knowledge and skills through Salève Energy Partners. Patricia has worked for several European oil companies and on projects across the globe and outside the office she enjoys doodling and building with Lego.

Patricia holds a Master’s in Petroleum Engineering from the Delft University of Technology and an MBA from The Open University.